Simone Adeniran AICB.CB.Cert

Outsourcing your business bookkeeping operations is a great way to have full time expertise on your side. Access to affordable top online bookkeeping systems and software. Working together to produce more cohesive units in your business.
I am stickler for detail and fully charged on taking every accounts task head on. Passionate about bookkeeping and enjoy organising the overflowing boxes and bags that many businesses find a chore.


 Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my children. The main driving force on why I decided to become an independent bookkeeper. I enjoy sports, keeping fit and get immense joy from watching my eldest play football every Sunday.
I have a strong background in accounting. Over 10 years experience working with a wide spectrum of organisations, which I am willing to share with you in a free consultation.

The ICB is the winner of The Association excellence Award 2015.


Practice License No: 14652
Membership No: 354325